2018 – Haven’t we been busy!

Happy New Year to everyone. And, after a well-earned couple of weeks off, everyone at iCivils is now back to work and looking forward to a busy year.

This year we’ve increased our client base significantly and in doing so we’ve now increased our staffing levels to 10 office-based staff, and 33 staff working on site.

In 2018 we worked in widespread areas across several counties and many of the site-based staff working on long term projects such as in Trowbridge in Wiltshire, Bath Somerset, Newquay, Cornwall and Newport in South Wales.

Also, in 2018 many iCivils staff have acquired new vehicles including an additional welfare van for the site-based staff, and, in total, we now have 15 vehicles available out and about on sites right across the county.

Training is important to us, therefore this continued throughout the year and Natasha Bird, Admin Assistant continues to source high level training courses for all our staff to attend on a regular basis. All site-based staff now demonstrate a high level of skills and knowledge of the surfacing and civil engineering business which can be evidenced in the excellent quality of work they produce.

We’re looking forward to another busy new year in 2019, welcoming new clients and customers and continuing to grow and improve.

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