Kept it in the Family

I Civils Ltd has been now in operation since 2013, and grown during that time to become a successful and progressive company working across the West Country and beyond. It all started 6 years ago with Howard, Gerald & Frances working in the office, and just a couple of operatives and 1 foreman working on local sites.

We recently moved to larger premises to accommodate the growth and success of the business, and now we have over 40 staff working for the company. Many are still with us from those early days, and some also have a different connection with each other.

Here’s how we’re connected:

Howard and Jill Johnson – Managing Director & Administrator – husband & wife
Steve & Natasha Bird – Operative & Administrator – husband & wife
Gerald & Alex Yeoman – Civil Engineering Manager & Foreman – father & son
Nigel & Amy Kerridge –  Snr. Quantity Surveyor & Administrator – father & daughter
Geoff & Joe Barry – Surfacing Supervisor & Operative – father & son

Despite the expansion of the company whereby we continue to grow and be even busier, we’re all just one big happy family!!

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